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Is Covid Back! or is it Cousin Covid first name Flu?



Slight cough?…Covid

Tickle in your nose?…Covid

Just ran out of tooth paste?..Covid

Everything and anything these days seems to be related to Covid. Everywhere you look people are being inundated with what Covid is and what it’s not. Some of the information makes sense and is backed by science and some is just simply what others think. Do you think you were ever exposed to Covid?  Not sure? Don’t remember? Maybe? It’s hard to tell when or where you may or may not have been exposed to Covid.

The 24/7 news cycle has a lot of people thinking a certain way about what the best way is to protect themselves and their loved ones …

What ever you decide is best for you and your loved ones, BRACE yourselves “The SICK season” is coming!    Sniffles, coughs, runny noses, headaches, constantly tired……is it Covid?

Click below to get some idea of how to tell the difference between what you may be feeling and what you might be experiencing


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