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Is Covid Back! or is it Cousin Covid first name Flu?



Slight cough?…Covid

Tickle in your nose?…Covid

Just ran out of tooth paste?..Covid

Everything and anything these days seems to be related to Covid. Everywhere you look people are being inundated with what Covid is and what it’s not. Some of the information makes sense and is backed by science and some is just simply what others think. Do you think you were ever exposed to Covid?  Not sure? Don’t remember? Maybe? It’s hard to tell when or where you may or may not have been exposed to Covid.

The 24/7 news cycle has a lot of people thinking a certain way about what the best way is to protect themselves and their loved ones …

What ever you decide is best for you and your loved ones, BRACE yourselves “The SICK season” is coming!    Sniffles, coughs, runny noses, headaches, constantly tired……is it Covid?

Click below to get some idea of how to tell the difference between what you may be feeling and what you might be experiencing


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How to get the best value from your Child Care Provider

Are you getting the best value from your Child Care Provider? Yes?, No?, Maybe?   What do I look for? This is an often overlooked question some should be asking on a regular basis, and most certainly should be asked and discussed before signing any paper work. Most people look for the cheapest price not realizing that finding the cheapest may turn into limiting your options when you need certain things in a child care setting the most.


For Example:

If your contract only allows for care in the afternoon only–would your care service be able to provide temporary hours for the morning or late evening?

How hard would it be to switch your child care plan?

Are there sibling discounts?

If your child currently attends school and there was an early dismissal, is your child care set up to accommodate the early dismissal from school?

Is the staff professionally trained?

If you school closed unexpectedly is your child care provider ready to provide care at a moments notice?

Payment options: weekly, bi- weekly, Monthly?

Does your child care offer some kind of Parent app/ email to keep you in the loop?

If you do have issues with the staff is there a direct way to speak with someone immediately or do you have to book an appointment and wait?

Does the care center sit children in front of a TV or constantly just send them outside–or do they engaged and interact with the children?

How is the security handled? do they have cameras in place? secured electronically locked doors? A fool-proof way of determining who your child is released to?

Does your child care offer regular “Open house” opportunities, to communicate parent concerns and opportunities?

Sanitation and cleanliness…Is your child care provider doing the minimum necessary or are they going  full steam ahead with increased disinfecting schedules and on spot cleanings?

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself when assessing the value you are getting; the value comes from “How is your child care “Over Delivering”?


We will discuss how to get the absolute best pricing in an upcoming post 

“Smile Bright”


Time to go?..All grown up?.. Moving?…what do I need to know?


“What do I do when I no longer need child care?”

It comes down to a few bits of communication and a good relationship with your current provider

First thing you will want you to do is look over your paper work (contract). Find out what the steps are you need.


 After that just follow what you need do a request a receipt of having competed those actions. This is a very important part of the process even if your current care center does not issue receipts regularly; you will want something “in hand” communicating you have fulfilled your part of the paper work to the satisfaction of the provider 


If in any event you find out, there are parts of the contract that were missed or not completely understood….have a conversation with your provider about it and remain calm-as with most contracts you will have sign off that you know what was in it and understood it.


Try your best at all costs to remain on good terms with your child care provider you may need some of their services  or know someone else who may need services in the future. ((From the perspective of a Care provider: there’s nothing worse than having to settle for less than ideal child care simply because the need to “burn bridges” was part of the vocabulary)) .  Child Care providers regularly change and offer new services which you may be able to benefit


If you have any questions we would be more than happy to look at your current contract and give you an opinion based suggestion 


tbcchildcare@gmail.com and please use #contract in the RE: section


Thank you 


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