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Time to go?..All grown up?.. Moving?…what do I need to know?


“What do I do when I no longer need child care?”

It comes down to a few bits of communication and a good relationship with your current provider

First thing you will want you to do is look over your paper work (contract). Find out what the steps are you need.


 After that just follow what you need do a request a receipt of having competed those actions. This is a very important part of the process even if your current care center does not issue receipts regularly; you will want something “in hand” communicating you have fulfilled your part of the paper work to the satisfaction of the provider 


If in any event you find out, there are parts of the contract that were missed or not completely understood….have a conversation with your provider about it and remain calm-as with most contracts you will have sign off that you know what was in it and understood it.


Try your best at all costs to remain on good terms with your child care provider you may need some of their services  or know someone else who may need services in the future. ((From the perspective of a Care provider: there’s nothing worse than having to settle for less than ideal child care simply because the need to “burn bridges” was part of the vocabulary)) .  Child Care providers regularly change and offer new services which you may be able to benefit


If you have any questions we would be more than happy to look at your current contract and give you an opinion based suggestion and please use #contract in the RE: section


Thank you 


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